Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Drone Mapping Technology

UAS Mapping & Inspection: An Agile and High-Performance Solution

Implement detailed and optimized decision-making from exploration to industry logistic delivery.​ Implement mapping and derivative analyses for all stages of projecting, planning, and deploying projects for Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Construction, Transportation, Agriculture, Mining, Public Works and several other Industries.


  • Instant inspection of the ongoing operation​
  • Safety & risks recognition for team and asset mobilization​
  • Assets inspection agility​
  • Environment limits and dynamic recognitions​
  • Route/local logistic economy & remote inspections, optimized through real-time visualization​
  • 2D and 3D mapping and measurements produced with high performance​
  • Volumetric calculation​
  • Inventory calculation: safer and faster

What imagery collection mechanism can be scheduled independent of cloud cover, at a fraction of the cost of contracting an aerial survey, at resolutions tens of times more detailed than satellite images, and with custom collection areas editable by you, the customer, up to minutes before flight time?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones

Accuracy Matters

  1. Ensure the accuracy of your operation data, optimize planning and implementation with rigorous mapping, and deploy maximum efficiency and outcomes of each individual portion of your activities on the field. ​
  2. Provide our engineering team with powerful modeling and analytics, mapping resources to improve efficiency in daily field actions. Automate specialized field inspection with safer workflows to recognize all productivity KPI’s.
  3. Have all variables of your licensing, regulatory compliance and safety requirements through excellent mapping and analytic procedures, using UAS.

CompassData is the first in the world to receive certification for verification of data sets used to create Airport Moving Map data. FAA has granted only six LOAs (Letters of Acceptance) in the Denver ACO Region and only 24 globally. DO-200A standards were developed by the FAA to assure the quality of data used in the preparation of aeronautical mapping, navigation, and situational awareness products and systems. Prior to certification, CompassData completed a rigorous examination procedure in which FAA reviewed every step in the firm’s methodologies for collecting, processing, and managing GNSS-surveyed ground control. This examination is necessary to ensure the data is accurate, timely, complete, and traceable.

CompassData’s sister company, CompassDrone leverages its 25 years experience and industry knowledge to provide complete drone solutions. CompassDrone supports its customers through the process of setting up a drone program in their organization. CompassDrone also provides training to get certified as well as software and services. Learn more…

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