Ski Solution

LiDAR & Image Data

CompassData Delivers LiDAR and Image Data for Planning, Design, and Visualization at Colorado Ski Resort

and the adjacent Town
of Winter Park now have the
2D and 3D geospatial data
needed to visualize, design,
and implement ambitious plans
to expand ski operations and
enhance their rapidly growing
community in the Colorado
Rockies. In less than 90 days,
CompassData captured,
processed and delivered a
highly accurate geospatial
solution encompassing
LiDAR, orthophotos, oblique
imagery, mobile mapping,
along with derived products,
and established a new survey
control network for the
35-square-mile area.

CompassData’s selection
for this job was driven by its
expertise in complex geospatial
projects where accuracy is
of the utmost importance.
Ground support, in coordination
with aerial acquisition, along
with reaching remote survey
locations in extreme terrain
provided the foundation to
achieve quality 3D products.
The CompassData survey team
also unraveled a confusing mix
of legacy geodetic survey grids
to establish a single permanent
control network covering the
Resort and Town.
“Working closely with
Winter Park to understand
their legacy coordinate system

and hearing their vision for
the future provided us the
opportunity to deliver a solution
that meets all stakeholder
needs,” said Hayden Howard
of CompassData. “We
provided a highly accurate
fusion of spatial data that
supports operations and
over 20 permanent reference
monuments to serve as the
common baseline for all future
subcontractor Geomni
performed the aerial data
acquisition using the Leica

CityMapper airborne sensor.
With strategic planning and
a network of base stations
operated by CompassData,
this hybrid system captured
LiDAR data at 5-cm vertical
and 10-cm horizontal accuracy
simultaneously with nadir
and oblique imagery at 7-cm
CompassData field crews
surveyed an abundance of
Ground Control Points for the
project necessary in terrain that
varies from 8,500 to 12,500 feet.
CompassData used the GCPs to
generate an orthomosaic and
process the LiDAR point cloud
at its Denver headquarters.
Derived products from the two

data sets included planimetrics
and contours.
“We need good 3D LiDAR,
aerial images, and survey data
to accurately plan, visualize and
develop our projects,” said Doug
Laraby, Planning Director for
Winter Park Resort. “The new
survey grid ties the Resort into
Town of Winter Park for projects
that we collaborate on.”
CompassData’s 3D LiDAR
data is used as an input to
PistenBully SNOWsat, an
automated snow grooming
software. LiDAR data support
the base map for the web-based
mountain fleet solution.
Resort operators can visualize
and more efficiently groom the
mountain enhancing operational
workflows. Real-time
navigational guidance in-cab
greatly reduces hazard risks for

grooming drivers.
The Resort loads the new
geospatial data into its Esri
ArcGIS, Autodesk InfraWorks,
and Orbit GT platforms, for
design and visualization.
The Resort master plan calls
for creating additional ski
slopes, building new lifts, and
maintaining existing facilities.
With the highly accurate
foundation now set, localized
updates with CompassDrone’s
UAS inmagery and LiDAR
solutions can be added to
augment the dataset in support
of future lift corridors and other
plan activities.
“CompassData did quality
work and provided an awesome
product,” said Doug Laraby,
Planning Director for Winter
Park Resort. “They exceeded
what they said they would do.”

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