Golf Industry Solution

Empowers Golf Simulation, Design & Operations

Solutions Focus

Orthoimage of a course flown and captured by CompassData.  High resolution, spatially accurate aerial imagery and LiDAR has limitless potential.

Irrigation mapping on top of the orthoimage gives course superintendents the ability to configure all irrigation heads and water appropriately.  The associated data for each head can give psi, range, and volume statistics.

A golf mapping application for operational management.  Direct crews from maintenance without leaving the building. 

  1. Geospatial Data empowers golf simulation, design and operations.

  2. Golf course simulator terrain solution. Digital Terrain Models for integration into golf simulator software.

  3. Operational mapping of the course with imagery for integration into the Toro Lynx® Central Control software.

Features of Golf Solution:

  • 10 cm x,y,z photo-ID ground control to support orthoimage and Digital Terrain Model.
  • Digital Terrain Model for golf simulator software.
  • Golf course asset, course, and irrigation mapping.
  • Orthoimage and irrigation features for Lynx® software integration.
  • Course features (fairways, greens, rough, tee boxes) and an asset data map easily accessible for feature change, measured areas, and operational management.

Benefits of Golf Solution:

  • Golf course simulation that is identical to the real course.
  • Have accurate irrigation infrastructure mapping with Lynx® to better plan watering cycles and see cost savings.
  • Keep an updated, accurate map of the course with square footage, irrigation lines, and sprinkler head locations to assist in product and fertilizer purchasing and operational management.

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