GNSS Ground Control Point Survey

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GNSS Ground Control Point Survey Solution (New Collect)

CompassData surveys for domestic and international products and has standardized delivery formats.CompassData is experienced in surveying for satellite imagery, nadir and oblique aerial imagery, imagery taken by frame cameras, push-broom cameras, imagery taken from drones, mobile mapping sensors, as well for any kind of Lidar dataset and completed models. CompassData provides consulting new customers to find their best solution.

Features of CompassData Solution


  • Standardized Delivery of a GCP from anywhere in the world
  • Geodetic accuracy (world-wide)
  • High contrast (greyscale)
  • Sharp geometry (90-degree corner)
  • Permanent (concrete)

Benefits of CompassData Solution


  • Accurate and repeatable accuracy for Ground-Truthed GeoData
  • Standardized production flows increasing efficiency
  • Customized solutions

Photo-ID for Imagery

CompassData crew surveying a Ground Control Point suitable for Satellite and Aerial Imagery in Italy, before traveling north to survey GCPs in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. A Europe-wide project including 16 full countries and parts of 3 Scandinavian countries. The surveyor in the photo records a static GNSS observation in a remote Italian town in the Alps.

Photo-ID GCP for LiDAR

USGS LiDAR control (equals FEMA RISK Flood Mapping LiDAR Control) Control Point has to be flat or uniform in slope, ideally far away from break line and in case of Non-Vegetated Vertical Assessment Points on a hard surface.

Paneled Survey Control

CompassData crews have installed and painted photogrammetric panels in various shapes and sizes across the world. Coordination with customers to install panels in the correct size and in time before the aerial acquisition is standard.

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