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What is the foundation of Aerodrome Mapping Data Base (AMDB) map generation?

ACCURACY! CompassData is a leader in providing accurate products to the market.  Using state of the art technologies and internal certified processes, CompassData is the most accurate global AMDB provider in the market today.  Our global AMDB database begins with certified ground point collection, certified imagery processing, and certified digitization processing providing a < 1-meter product for any market utilization. CompassData is a Maxar Information Partner with direct access to the full satellite constellations raw imagery archive; we can produce fresh orthoimages and pass the savings on to you.  We currently have a growing archive of 700 airport foundation images ready for resale.

If 1 meter does not meet your accuracy requirements,  Our team also utilizes our aerial and drone imagery collection teams to produce ultra high-resolution AMDBs utilizing aerial and drone collected imagery meeting even the stringent of accuracy requirements.

CompassData takes pride in developing solutions to meet diverse requirements. Whether that is a 1ft, 1m, 5m, or other custom resolution, CompassData has the solution for you.


CompassData’s unique approach to building airport products has evolved to satisfy a wide variety of aviation data providers. Our procedures are intentionally set up to produce key building blocks, giving our customers options for a fit-for-purpose solution. Our goal is to support the end user with immediate product needs while building a partnership to support the next generation of solutions. CompassData will utilize its established DO-200A and ISO 9001 certified processes to ensure a quality suite of imagery and aerodrome features that meet the customer requirements.


✓ Seamless Integration
✓ Reduce Costs
✓ Streamline Operations
✓ Improve Efficiencies
✓ Identify Security Risks
✓ FAA Compliance

Professionals who can benefit from the AMDB Solution:

✓ Pilots
✓ Controllers
✓ Airport Managers
✓ Simulator Team
✓ Emergency Team
✓ Security Team
✓ Regulation Agents
✓ Government
✓ Military


From Pixels to Accurate Decision Making

A CompassData Aerodrome Mapping Data Base AMDB is a spatial database that contains the layout of aerodrome features as per the elements listed below. The highly accurate point, line, and polygon features, with standardized aeronautic attributes, provide geographic intelligence to the user. CompassData can deliver AMDBs that follow the requirements outlined in the world regulatory standards RTCADO-272 or are customized to user requirements. Our process involves the digitization of airport features that are visible in the orthorectified imagery, adhering to strict topological guidelines, and utilizing industry best practices.

CompassData and MAXAR  are pleased to present customized solutions for Aerodromes and other feature-rich areas. Our solutions incorporate, but are not limited to, high-resolution imagery, insert imagery (5-meter resolution), Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDBs), other GIS data capture and attribution, 3-D elevation models (DTM, DSM, obstruction surfaces), verification and validation of feature accuracy, and updates of pre-existing datasets.

These are competitively priced, end-to-end, scalable solutions that not only eliminate the complexity and overhead associated with multiple data providers but also align with modern market demands. The combination of MAXAR’s high-resolution imagery and collection capacity, with CompassData’s remote sensing and aerodrome mapping experience, can be creatively configured for the end-user to deploy sophisticated final solutions. CompassData’s current database of user-ready elements covers over 1,000 airports worldwide.

Richness of Features

Our high-resolution digitization of airport features are used integrated flight decks, portable avionic devices, and flight simulators to improve safety and situational awareness for the user, promoting the navigation environment (2D or 3D) of the aerodrome universe. The richness of the CompassData AMDB brings an increase in safety conditions. The detail of each feature and the accuracy of the layers permit excellence of operational efficiency.

✓ AerodromeReferencePoint
✓ ApronElement
✓ ArrestingGearLocation
✓ Blastpad
✓ ConstructionArea
✓ DeicingArea
✓ FinalApproachAndTakeOffArea
✓ FrequencyArea
✓ HelipadThreshold
✓ Hotspot
✓ LandAndHoldShortOperationLocation
✓ PaintedCenterline
✓ ParkingStandArea
✓ ParkingStandLocation
✓ RunwayDisplacedArea
✓ RunwayElement

Standard to RTCA DO-272 features presently digitized

✓ VerticalPolygonalStructure
✓ VerticalPointStructure
✓ Water
✓ FAA DO-200A Imagery
✓ FAA DO-200A Ground Control Points
✓ ICAO Standards
✓ AGIS Compatible
✓ Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD)
✓ Airport Survey Services
✓ FAA AC-150/5300 16-18 Support
✓ Asset and Vehicle Tracking
✓ Accuracy Assessment
✓ Asset Management Imagery for IFE

✓ RunwayExitLine
✓ RunwayIntersection
✓ RunwayMarking
✓ RunwayShoulder
✓ RunwayThreshold
✓ ServiceRoad
✓ StandGuidanceLine (including dashed lines)
✓ Stopway
✓ SurveyControlPoint
✓ TaxiwayElement
✓ TaxiwayGuidanceLine
✓ TaxiwayHoldingPosition
✓ TaxiwayIntersectionMarking
✓ TaxiwayShoulder
✓ TouchDownLiftOffArea
✓ VerticalLineStructure

Base Content


CompassData’s global airport product suite is uniquely positioned to meet the complex demands of evolving market needs. Our long-standing partnership with MAXAR facilitates solutions to support the end user’s product requirements. By using the highest resolution, commercially available satellite imagery (30 – 50 cm depending on sensor), and by following FAA-qualified Airport Moving Map (AMM) production and quality processes, the resulting aerodrome data contain a higher density of content (such as hard-to-distinguish paint lines and vertical obstructions), and a certified quality level which competitors utilizing lower resolution imagery cannot match.

On April 1, 2014, CompassData emerged as a certified source of high-accuracy airport products when we achieved our FAA Type 1 Letter of Acceptance. Per CompassData’s FAA certification, we maintain a current global database of 600+ authoritative airport products, with additional certified materials to quickly expand this database to 1,000 airports.

All Airports have Ground Control Points collected in the field

CompassData’s GCP expertise and certified procedures fuel the production of the most accurate AMM’s from satellite imagery available on the market today.

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