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Accurate and Current Geospatial Data Empowering Global Remotely Sensed and Survey Solutions to Deliver Answers

Our Mission is to map the world. CompassData® delivers value to our clients, shareholders, employees, and business partners by providing geospatial data and services accurately, on time, with quality deliverables. We utilize the best available technology to map the world providing solutions to our clients in support of their geospatial products and projects. Our focus is to build partnerships with our clients, providing a value that will exceed their expectations.” -CompassData, Inc.

CompassData History

CompassCom® was founded by Brant and Maggie Howard in the Denver, Colorado in 1994. The CompassCom mission was to bring the emerging GPS, GIS, and wireless technology to market in the Rocky Mountain Region as a Trimble reseller and Esri® business partner. The CompassCom business grew to three divisions that became CompassTools (GIS field tools), CompassData (survey and remote sensing data), and CompassCom (Esri based GPS Tracking Solution) in 2003.

In 2018 CompassTools and the Trimble Dealership was sold to Frontier Precision to focus resources on the growth of the content and software offerings of CompassData and CompassCom. As a family-owned, Certified Women-Owned Small Business, Maggie Howard, Brant Howard, Hayden Howard, and Kate Schlatter leads the Control Freak Team of Professional Surveyors, Photogrammetry and GIS Technologist.

Colorado is a global center of GIS, Satellite, and Aerial geospatial companies. Demand for Photo-ID Ground Control Points (GCP) to support the growth of the global orthoimagery market in the late 1990s gave CompassData an opportunity to travel the globe and collect GCPs. Brant’s vision was to turn this fee for service survey business into a global content play. CompassData began collecting the data and licensing the GCPs to the end-user to build global imagery products. Companies such as Space Imaging, Digital Globe now Maxar; Spot Image now Airbus; Google; Vexcel; Microsoft Bing, Hexagon; Harris to name a few task CompassData employees and partners to over 100 countries to collect what is now the largest commercially available Photo-ID GCP archive in the world.

The archive is now 67,000 GCPs and counting as the Remote Sensing Community depends on the accuracy and consistency of this data to produce and ensure the quality of their products with our licensed off-the-shelf and new collect Ground Control.

The following is our Quality Policy and the foundation of our business:

  • CompassData, Inc. is committed to quality. Our goal is to be a leading provider of geospatial content, products, and services.
  • We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and requirements by providing accurate, on-time, and consistent geospatial content, products, and services. Our Quality Management System encourages continuous improvement and innovation and ensures compliance with customer requirements through the application of our quality procedures.
  • By providing reliable support, we enable our clients to develop world-class solutions for their mission-critical applications.

CompassData has expanded its product and service offering to include FAA Certified avionics data, drone, mobile mapping, imagery, and LiDAR products and services. Under the leadership of Hayden Howard,  April 1, 2014, CompassData was awarded FAA Type 1, Letter of Acceptance to produce GCPs and Imagery in support of AMDB and Airport Moving Map solutions. Motivated by our quest for the most accurate and consistent data in the profession CompassData achieved ISO certification in December 2017. Certification to ISO:9001:2015 is current with renewal anticipated in January 2021.

With the leadership of Kate and Maggie on the business side and the heart of our culture, the Control Freak Professionals are pushing the envelope to change the world with geospatial technology. If you have a passion to innovate and deliver cool solutions to our planet come join us to create a sustainable business and community.


Our Mission Is To Map The World



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