CompassData’s Mission Is To Map the World


CompassData is the world’s leader in providing high-quality GCP data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry and remotely sensed data. CompassData uses the latest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology combined with years of field experience and ISO certified proecesses to ensure the accuracy and currency of our data. “Our mission is to map the world – We take that seriously!”CompassData, Control Freaks


60,000+ Ground Control Points Archive that are currently available off-the-shelf.

New collect GCP acquisition on demand by our global network of CompassData Control Freaks. Whether you are working with satellite, aerial, drone, mobile mapping imagery, LiDAR, thermal or other data, GCPs ensure that your project contains “Ground Truth” – the data is tied to a specific, human-verified and photo-identifiable location on earth. Sample and production data available for immediate delivery Click here to see on the interactive map.

Airport Imagery Archive

Airport orthoimagery; sub-meter accuracy, precision checks, and post-processing correction.

Airport orthoimagery; sub-meter accuracy, FAA certified, authoritative data archive of GCPs for over 1,100 airports worldwide and imagery for 700 airports that are certified to FAA DO-200A. We also have access to off-the-shelf data to support orthoimagery production for over 1,100 airports. The global distribution of our avionics grade AMDB ready orthoimages. Click here to see on the interactive map.


Mobile Mapping is a Fast and Cost-Effective Way to Acquire Features and Attribute Supporting GIS and Asset Management Mapping.

Vehicle and man-pack systems acquire precision imagery and LiDAR data for utilities, local government, 9-1-1 addressing, autonomous transportation, and private companies. The wide range of mobile imagery services range from mapping everything left and right collecting specific features along road corridors and utility right-of-way.

Drone Imagery, LiDAR, and Thermal

Our CompassDrone subsidiary is a proven provider of imagery, thermal and LiDAR data acquisition using multiple drone platforms.

CompassData GCP collection, remote sensing data processing and our FAA Certified flight operations delivers authoritative data to clients where accuracy and precision are a must. CompassDrone has the experience and heritage to fly areas with difficult access and require FAA waivers and night clearance.

Off-The-Shelf Imagery

Information Partner of MAXAR and HxGN Content Program. 

In addition to producing sub-meter orthoimagery, CompassData provides off-the-shelf access to mono and stereo imagery data from the entire network of MAXAR imaging satellites and the Hexagon Imagery Program HxIP airborne imagery archive. With CompassData GCPs and enhanced processing we customize these data as a value added reseller to meet your program requirements quickly and cost effectively.


CompassAA™ and CompassTA™ available as stand-alone software apps.

Independent Verification and Validation (V&V) Testing to ensure spatial accuracy of your GIS and Remotely Sensed Data. Services evaluate the relative precision and absolute accuracy of existing imagery, LiDAR, thermal and GIS data. The V&V is referenced against independent GCPs based on survey measurements in the field. CompassData 3rd party professionals will provide an independent review of precision and accuracy and report to your team to ensure your client or market how geospatial products meet their requirements. CompassData utilizes certified off-the-shelf software Apps CompassAA and CompassTA for our automated process. Both, Compass AA and CompassTA, are available as stand-alone software Apps.


  • The state of Colorado recently requested GPS location data for all of our wells. Having our office out of state could have made it difficult to get a job like this done correctly and on time. I went to the Colorado state website to obtain a list of surveyors. I emailed 4 companies that were listed as Rule 215 surveyors. CompassData responded right away. I was very impressed with Hayden’s professional and pleasant manner. He expressed an eagerness to obtain the work that is very refreshing. The pumper reported that he met with the surveyor to answer a few questions but that he was able to find all of the locations easily and that everything went very well. We were very pleased with the quick turnaround time of the job as well as the cost. We would definitely choose CompassData again in the future if we are in need of surveying services. As a side note, it took 3-6 days to even hear back from the other 3 companies. A wise person once said, “You snooze, you lose”! Thanks Hayden.

    Sue Davis

    Production & Compliance Manager — Pintail Petroleum

  • Compass Data, Inc. was engaged to create a comprehensive GIS for the Winter Park Highlands Association, a Grand County, CO HOA. Our desire was to provide easily accessible data about our community of 1100 acres, 25 miles of roads, and over 200 members. The primary purposes were to provide a resource to firefighters, EMS personnel, real estate agents, granting agencies, and members themselves. We also desired documentation of our decade long effort at fire mitigation with the hope that it might influence home insurers to provide favorable rates and help us to obtain grants for future efforts. We knew the project was complex but the quality of the resultant multi-layer GIS greatly exceeded our expectations and had a significant role in our being awarded national recognition as a "Firewise Community".

    Bill Tetlow

    President — Winter Park Highlands Association

    Bill Tetlow
  • Compass Data is a highly professional surveying firm that does good work. Their survey capacity and responsiveness make them an easy choice to work with.

    Michael Shillenn

    GPS Surveying — Photo Science

  • Our Google Geo department bought several hundreds of ground control points from CompassData. The transactions were smooth and the delivery of the data was on time. The staff people are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. Really appreciate your business.

    Hong Guo

    — Google

    Hong Guo